Robert Cipolloni is the CEO, President and Broker of Record for Forward Vision, INC™.
Founded by seasoned businessman Robert Cipolloni, FORWARD VISION INC™ is our visionary concept for business symbiosis. Robert seeks to align with business professionals who are hip, cool, classy and progressive as we elevate the four arms of our organization.
Robert is the CEO, President and Broker of Record for Forward Vision, INC™.
Robert has developed a leadership and mentoring organization whose management believes in fostering a culture based on respect and gratitude where every individual’s contributions are valued and celebrated. His company prides itself on eliminating ego and nurturing an environment that empowers and cares for its members. He aligns himself with a collective of hip, cool, classy and progressive individuals who strive to create a positive atmosphere.
Robert is dedicated to creating an environment where everyone can thrive, grow and achieve their full potential. With a shared commitment to these principles, he strives to build an exemplary company culture that sets him apart in the industry.
Forward Vision INC™ is a diverse and dynamic company with four arms: Forward Vision INC™, DWELLING™ | REAL ESTATE, CATAPULT™ and Nature and Networking™. Forward Vision INC™ was founded by Robert Cipolloni in 2020. Robert has over 35 years of legal, business, real estate management and sales experience. Robert holds a Broker’s license with the California Department of Real Estate and currently resides in Palm Springs, California. He is an avid fitness enthusiast, loves to cook and is a philanthropic supporter of fundraising events and sponsorships for various local and national charitable causes.
Robert is an ardent optimist and believes that your best years are always ahead of you.
Forward Vision INC™ Core Values
In our interactions we always prioritize mindfulness, thoughtfulness and the ability to provoke meaningful discussions. We understand the importance of standing up for the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. These values drive us to create a workplace that embraces the uniqueness and perspectives of each team member. We are driven by an unwavering demand for excellence to associate ourselves with individuals of the same capacity.
It is by this approach that our value system supports the organization’s intention to be pioneers in the industry.
Forward Vision INC™ Mission Statement
To unleash a forward-thinking vision as leaders in the real estate industry by embracing and creating change in our service – so that others may be enriched by our efforts.